Seniority policy stopping a Buffalo high school coach from coaching

Posted at 5:58 PM, Aug 09, 2018

Buffalo Public Schools' Parents are calling an emergency meeting for Monday night. 

It’s over football coach Nick Today. Hutchinson Tech football players found out on Monday he will no longer coach them. They say because Buffalo Public School transferred Tony Truilizio into Hutch Tech as head football coach and teacher, based on seniority. The news upsetting middle linebacker, Xavion White-Baines and forced him to create this petition

“Want to do something like that five days before the season someone here has ever met before is just not fair,” Xavion White-Baines, Hutchinson Tech Middle Linebacker said. 

Parents say the teachers union seniority policy has been a long time problem when BPS hires coaches. 

Buffalo Teachers Federation said the seniority policy only kicks in as a tie breaker for coaches with the same qualifications in the same schools. President Phil Rumore said the district might have made a mistake. 

“We’re trying to work on how coaches are hired. We are working with the district,” Rumore said. 

Buffalo Public Schools declined to comment on the story. New Coach Truilizio posted a state on Facebook. It said in part “…With discussions from both school and athletic administration it is my hope that every player and coach will return to help continue the growth and development of the program…” 

The emergency meeting is 6pm on Monday at 1423 Fillmore in Buffalo. 

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