Sen. Jacobs co-sponsors ridesharing bill, creates regulations for transportation services, drivers

Posted at 10:18 AM, Jan 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-11 19:23:20-05

Ridesharing has been a hot topic the last few months and its a top priority for State Senator Chris Jacobs.

Senator Jacobs has co-sponsored a bill which give regulations to transportation network company (TNC) services and creates the New York state TNC Accessibility Task Force.

"I am very proud to co-sponsor this important piece of legislation for Buffalo and Western New York," said Senator Jacobs. "When you couple this legislation with the Governor's support, we are building real momentum needed for swift passage of ridesharing."

The bill aims to regulate and provide proper insurance for TNC's and drivers. It will also establish requirements drivers must meet to work and provide workers compensation insurance for drivers, and other provisions.

The Upstate Transportation Association strongly opposes the bill, however, very strongly supporting the mandate for background checks of every driver.

"This bill is an insult to anyone who cares about the safety of upstate passengers," said Upstate Transportation Association President John Tomassi. "Uber and Lyft have fingerprinted all their New York City drivers for years and there's no reason why upstate residents shouldn't have the same protections. Lawmakers must do the right thing and reject any bill that doesn't mandate fingerprint background checks for every ridesharing driver in our state."

According to Senator Jacbos, the responsibility of conducting security checks and devising regulations for background checks would be on the DMV.