Search begins for Paladino replacement

Posted at 11:30 PM, Sep 06, 2017

With a new school year upon us, there is one empty seat at the Buffalo Board of Education. The remaining board members are trying to fill it.

We could not have good governance with the dysfunction that we had with that member. said Sharon Belton-Cottman, the board member of the Board of Education. The board member she is speaking about is Carl Paladino.


Paladino was removed by the state education commissioner for improperly releasing information from an executive session. 

The board originally received 19 applications to fill the vacancy. Due to conflicts, only 16 will be considered, five of which were interviewed Wednesday. They were asked about anything from attendance, race, to how they would improve the district. 
The board will go through three nights of interviews. They hope to make their decision by next Thursday at the latest.

Carl Paladino can still appeal the education commissioners decision. He says he plans to do so. No such appeal has been filed, yet.