Sean Bunny to challenge Rep. Chris Collins in 2018 Election

East Amherst native new to politics
Posted at 5:35 PM, Oct 19, 2017

They say there's a first time for everything.

“I've never even run for class president.”

Sean Bunny's first just so happens to be a pretty tall order: beating wealthy incumbent Chris Collins in the race for the 27th Congressional District.

“It's all official,” Bunny said. “No important thing in life isn't scary.”

Bunny should know. He's an army veteran previously stationed in Iraq, and he's taken on some tough criminals as prosecutor for the Erie county District Attorney's Office.

Now though he's focused on his campaign. “I’m running because I love public service and I hate how mean spirited Washington has become.”

Latest campaign filing reports show Collins has more than one million dollars in his war chest. That's not including the more than 400 thousand he raised earlier this week during a fundraiser attended by Vice President Mike Pence. Still, Bunny said he isn't intimidated. “I feel like I can have a lot of support too. People are very excited about someone with a background like mind really going for it and trying to improve things in Washington.”

In a statement, a spokesman for Collins said "Chris looks forward to talking to voters in NY 27 about his pro-growth, smaller government message.  We'll contrast that with Andrew Cuomo & Nancy Pelosi’s new handpicked candidate any day of the week."

Bunny said he's never met either democrat, and he's focused on his own agenda: bringing manufacturing jobs back to Western New York, and making healthcare a top priority. “More people got coverage. People with pre-existing conditions got coverage but we need to improve on the law and make sure we bring premiums down,” he said.