Schumer tours hard hit areas, will push for aid

Posted at 8:39 PM, Nov 22, 2014
and last updated 2015-11-17 20:26:55-05

U.S. Senator Charles Schumer got a first-hand look at weather-ravaged areas on Saturday.

His first stop was to South Buffalo Mercy Hospital, which was temporarily inaccessible at the height of the storm. Nurses and doctors worked multiple shifts with little rest to care for those in need.

Schumer accompanied by Mayor Byron Brown then went to Seneca Street in hard hit South Buffalo. The Senator says he believes the area will quality for FEMA funds.

“I have already talked to the top people in the White House and said get ready we're going to need help, don't delay. I've talk to the head of FEMA, to the U.S. Department of Agriculture and all of the other federal agencies to put them on notice they have to do everything they can to help Buffalo and Western New York,” Schumer said.

FEMA funds would cover everything from farmers whose crops were destroyed to store owners whose products and buildings were damaged, as well as provide aid to homeowners.