School district to require student drug tests to obtain parking permits

Posted at 6:10 AM, Aug 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-11 06:10:00-04

     A new policy is going into place at an Oklahoma school district and it's designed to help curb student drug use.

     Students who want to park on the Bixby High School's campus will now have to submit to drug tests.

     But rather than taking disciplinary action against students who fail, the school plans to use them to help students.

     "We want to help them with a means to get educated, get some counseling, get some help and get back on the right path," says school principal Terry Adams.

     Adams says he hopes the new policy will, in turn, reduce off-campus drug use by ensuring students monitor what they do outside of the classroom.

     And parents agree.

     "I think it'll make them think twice about what they're doing outside of school and what an impact it is to their families," says parent Shelby Harris.

     Students will have to pay $25 for the drug tests.