School cafeteria still closed due to rodents

Posted at 2:13 PM, Feb 26, 2016

A Buffalo Public School cafeteria will remain closed due after a Friday morning re-inspection. The cafeteria was shut down by the Erie County Department of Health Wednesday after inspectors discovered rodent droppings in the school.

Friday, health officials told Eyewitness News that many "deficiencies" at the school had not been fixed. The cafeteria will remain closed until, at least, Monday when another re-inspection will occur.

“My mind is racing right now,” said one mom we spoke to whose two kids go to the school. She asked we not use her name. The disturbing discovery was made at Stanley Makowski Early Childhood Center on Jefferson Avenue. "They're running around the school while your kids are in school. So, it's kind of disgusting,” the mom added.

According to the health department, droppings were discovered in the kitchen and storage areas during a routine inspection back on February 9. The district was also cited because garbage wasn't disposed properly, and plumbing drains were clogged. The health department went back this past Tuesday, and that's when the decision was made to close the cafeteria. “Why has it become such a problem?,” the mom of two School 99 students wondered. “You had to see little steps adding up to this so why are they just now dealing with this?”

A letter was sent home with all students informing parents of the problem. The district said it made a number of changes to clean up the mess. However, they haven't shared those with us, yet. “I'm sure the administration is addressing that,” said Buffalo School Board Member, Carl Paladino. “Obviously, the Board would not sanction that type of activity. We pay these people good money to keep our schools and facilities clean.”

According to the district, all meals are being made off site at the district commissary and then they're delivered to school.  That's a step in the right direction for the mom we talked to. But, she wants to know how they're keep her kids safe in the future. “We just want answers.”