Cafeteria passes inspection, reopens Tuesday

Posted at 2:01 PM, Feb 29, 2016

A Buffalo Public School cafeteria will resume serving lunches Tuesday, after being shut down by the Erie County Health Department.

A reinspection took place Monday morning at Stanley Makowski Early Childhood Center on Jefferson Avenue. According to Dr. Kevin Eberle, Chief Operations Officer, the school cafeteria and all food service operation areas have been cleared to fully resume operations beginning March 1st. 

In a statement , Eberle said "We consider the health and safety of the students in all of our schools to be a top priority. We have provided guidelines for all school administrators to work with their chief engineers in regularly reviewing areas of their building in order to maintain optimum health and safety conditions."

The cafeteria was shut down by health department February 24th after inspectors discovered rodent droppings in the school.