School bus driver makes Clarence teen's dream come true

Posted at 11:52 PM, Oct 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-01 08:19:38-04

Maddy Law has idolized country superstar Carrie Underwood since she was eight years old.  

It's clear when you talk to her: "She grew up in Oklahoma and she won American Idol Season four and she..." And even when you go in her room to see the pictures and lyrics of Underwood.

The Clarence teen has cerebral palsy.  Two years ago, 7 Eyewitness News helped her meet Underwood at a concert here in Buffalo.  So it was only natural for Law to be the "Cry Pretty" singer this year for Halloween.

"I have the same curly hair and my mom did my eyes," she said.  Once her bus driver, Ms. Leslie, heard, she decided she was going to make Maddy's Halloween one to remember.

"I never dress up. I don't usually dress up. I don't know the idea came to me and I thought I bet ya Maddy would really like that!" Ms. Leslie said. 

With a sign in hand and a drivers cap, Ms. Leslie waited for Maddy--or should we say Carrie--right in her garage to pick her up to go to school.

"What does Carrie Underwood have? She has a limo driver, right? And I'm your driver," Ms. Leslie said.  Maddy added, "I thought you were not even a bus driver."

"Carrie's" mom, Andrea, knew about Ms. Leslie's plan, but to actually see it-- "For her to make Maddy feel that special and that supertarish was just...just very kind."

For her birthday this year, Maddy got tickets to see her idol when she comes to Buffalo next fall for a concert. And you better believe she plans on being Carrie again next Halloween.

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