Savvy way Buffalo small businesses save money

Posted at 12:01 PM, Oct 10, 2017

Getting a small business off the ground is tough. A new business in Western New York is allowing small businesses to save money. 

Bartercard Buffalo is a an exchange firm that works with Western New York businesses. Through the firm businesses can share their good and services with each other. 

It saves the company money and introduce potential new customers to businesses. 

"We exist to help find new customers for your business; people who want to work with you but don't have the extra cash to do so,” Jerry West, Bartercard Buffalo said. 

Bartercard Buffalo has grown to five full-time employees and more than 80 member businesses. The firm expects to continue adding new business members and potentially double the number of employees by the end of the year. 

More information: http://buffalo.bartercardusa.com