Save the high school horror stories for later - you're giving your kids anxiety

Posted at 6:41 AM, Sep 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-06 06:41:20-04

Most kids are ready to get back in the classroom come September.

They want to see their friends, meet new people…but, there’s always a lot of anxiety that comes with heading back to school.

Psychologists at BestSelf Behavioral Health say that parents could be playing a bigger role than they think when it comes to shaping how their kids feel going back to the classroom

The biggest key to avoid this - is to talk to your children. Often.

Take advantage of that time in the car when they’re stuck with you, and figure out what you can do to make them feel more comfortable. 

Try to find a way to make sure they feel comfortable in their clothes, have some great shoes, or it might be as simple as having a new backpack.

“Anything that will make them feel good about going to that first day. Because, a lot of it is, they're seeing their friends for the first time in a while and they want to feel good about themselves,” said President and CEO of BestSelf Dr. Howard Hitzel.

Also, let your children know that September is the beginning of a new year, help them plan what they could do to get involved.

Extra-curricular activities are a great way to find like-minded friends without going out of your way.

Preparation and conversation are key to helping ease anxiety.

And….save your high school horror stories until later in the year. Those don’t help either. 


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