Santa's Sleigh filled with food instead of toys for people in need in North Tonawanda

Posted at 11:19 PM, Dec 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-08 23:19:43-05

It's the giving time of year and what better way to fill Santa's Sleigh than with food and products the North Tonawanda Food Bank needs to stay full this season. 

It's the 5th year the X-mas trailer drove through the neighborhoods of North Tonawanda. Volunteers dressed as Christmas characters taking pictures and putting smiles on children's faces. 

"The Christmas spirit is probably the most I've ever seen on this trailer," Katie Alvarado, a volunteer said. 

The volunteers went from door to door collecting bags of items to be donated. Over the five years the Christmas gang has collected over 20,000 items and for this year-- the goal is 15,000 items.

"It's truly unbelievable," Jacob Brosius, a volunteer said. "Everybody is 100 percent on board, they love it and it's really great for the community."

The sleigh drives for four hours every Saturday through December. Next Saturday the sleigh will be traveling through the Spruce School neighborhood. For the grand finale, the sleigh will head to the Ohio School neighborhood December 22nd. To find out more on their exact location, here is their Facebook page. 

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