Safety tips to consider to protect your baby

Posted at 6:21 AM, Sep 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-20 07:02:32-04

September is Baby Safety Awareness Month which means experts are calling on parents, retailers and manufacturers to do their part in keeping babies safe.

Whether they're walking, sitting, eating or playing, The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association says, calling attention to potentially dangerous products, spaces, and even foods can help save a babies life. 

Potential dangers exist everywhere from car seats to strollers, swings to high chairs, even cribs and bouncers.

The JPMA recommends direct adult supervision at all times, with young children, but especially with babies - that is the only way to ensure their safety 100%.

When hitting the store, finding the right products can be overwhelming, but all month long, the JPMA's awareness campaign strives to share tips and tricks to "baby proof" spaces at home, on-the-go, and even at work to help decrease accidents and concerns. 

For more safety tips and information on Baby Safety Awareness Month, visit JPMA's website.