Sabres jerseys selling faster than stores can keep up with

Posted at 5:57 PM, Nov 28, 2018

Stores are having trouble keeping up with merchandise demands as Sabres continue to win.

“I’ve compared the numbers from this year to last year, and we are up about 40 percent," Michael O'Hara, the district manager of Laux Sporting Goods at the Walden-Galleria said.

O'Hara has had to order extra shipments of Sabres gear because the demand is so high.

“We are playing catchup a little. Pretty much catchup with the jerseys," he said.

He got a shipment of merchandise on Monday. Two days later, he received even more containers with Sabres gear.

"It's fandamonium with them right now," he said.

The hottest jersey is captain Jack Eichel's jersey. Behind his jersey are hats, cups, banners, and other accessories.

However, despite how the hot the Sabres have been over this 10-game stretch, O'Hara said Bills gear is still a little more popular.

"Right now it's pretty close still because people like Josh Allen," O'Hara said.

With the holiday season in full swing, O'Hara said he expects both teams gear to continue to fly off the shelf.

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