Russ Brandon not hired by New Era Cap

Russ Brandon not hired by New Era Cap
Posted at 8:44 AM, Jul 31, 2018

Russ Brandon has not been officially hired by the New Era Cap Company.

Previous media reports said the former Buffalo Bills and Sabres president is now a part of the executive team at New Era Cap Company.

The following statement was provided on behalf of the company:

"Good afternoon. New Era Cap would like to clarify that Russ Brandon has not been officially hired by the company. While dialogue did occur between the parties, such discussions did not fully materialize. New Era Cap’s leadership team has worked with Russ Brandon for many years and these conversations were simply an outcome of that ongoing professional relationship. Thank you."

Brandon resigned from Pegula Sports and Entertainment back in May amid allegations he had an inappropriate relationship with a female employee.

Brandon joined the Bills in 1997 and spent 20 years with the team and three years with as the Sabres president. Owner Kim Pegula took over Russ Brandon's role as team president to both the Bills and Sabres. 


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