Ruffino family one year later

Posted at 2:00 AM, Apr 08, 2016

Rico Ruffino says his life hasn’t been the same since a warm day in July of 2015. It was on that summer day 7 Eyewitness News introduced the world to the Ruffino-Diamond Family.

We met the family months after Laura Ruffino, a mother of two girls, acted on a promise she made to her dying friend Elizabeth Diamond.

Diamond was battling brain cancer and Ruffino, at her side, promised to care for her friend’s four daughters.

It has been a year since Diamond lost her battle with cancer and months since the two families became one.

“For me most importantly is that we have had our firsts – So I feel like we’ve gone through everything once we’ve gone through our first Christmas our first birthday and all of our first holidays,” Laura told 7 Eyewitness News.

Talking about it is very emotional because we all miss Liz and I worry about the girls all the time. . . but I don’t mean to be emotional  things are great.”

After the 7 Eyewitness News story aired the Ruffino family was bombarded with media attention.

Outlets from around the world ventured to Orchard Park to hear the ultimate story of friendship.  Stations from as far away as Australia wanted a chance to meet the dynamic family.

Throughout the appearances and attention, the family has stayed busy with six very active girls.

“You know it’s just the day to day stuff,” Rico said.

“The kids are in dance, kembo you name there’s an activity.”

And there is another activity this month, one that will make this all official.

“I guess some of the bigger things that has happened beside all the news coverage, we are finalizing the adoption.”

The pair say by the end of this month the adoption papers should be signed.  A happy ending for this blended family.

The journey for this family is just underway and there are still expenses associated with having a family double in size. A donation page has been set up to assist the Ruffino family.