Officials are considering building roundabouts on Union road in West Seneca

Posted at 7:11 PM, Jul 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-06 19:17:50-04

The town of West Seneca is considering building roundabouts on Union road. Sheila Meegan, West Seneca Town Supervisor, said they could be on Union and Seneca and Seneca and Center.

"I would love to see roundabouts happen," Meegan said.

The goal is that roundabouts would slow down traffic making the five-lane road more walkable.

“The Union corridor needs the opportunity to slow down. And also to make that slow down it would encourage the walkable community," Meegan said.

A "walkable community" means that residents will want to stroll down Union road browsing through shops and stopping to eat. The idea stresses moving away from car transportation and getting people out on their feet.

Part of the process involves moving parking to the back of stores and restaurants rather than the front. Meegan said that back lot parking is more pedestrian friendly and inviting than a front lot.

It's not just town officials who are excited about this. Businesses along Union are looking forward to potentially more foot traffic. Altin Muhaxheri, an employee at LT's Pizza and Subs said he would benefit from a more pedestrian friendly road.

“If they make it more walkable, I think business will increase. People will be talking about LT’s. People will know it better," said Muhaxheri.

To reconfigure a street that see's 30,000 cars a day, according to the Town of West Seneca, is difficult. The New York State DOT still needs to study the feasibility and cost of installing the roundabouts, so construction won't happen anytime soon. In fact, just the study itself will take about a year, according to Bohen.

These roundabouts are apart of a greater project to give a makeover to the Union road area.

“I’m not saying make it an Elm Wood. I’m saying make it a West Seneca and have that walkable community," Meegan said.

It all starts with the new community center and library that opened Friday afternoon. 

"This was the last piece in making this the center of our town," Meegan said.

The community center includes:

  • ice rink
  • swimming pool
  • library
  • police station
  • veterans post

Bohen wants this $13.53 million multi-purpose building to be the new focal point of town. 

"Everybody has always thought that the Southgate Plaza was the center of town. This new center here is going to be the center of town. The Southgate Plaza is not owned by the people. This is owned by the people," Bohen said.