Roswell stepping in to help former CCS Oncology patients

Posted at 11:11 PM, Apr 23, 2018

Roswell Park Cancer Institute is welcoming former CCS Oncology patients to continue their recovery with the cancer institute. 

Roswell held a public forum for the former CCS patients to learn about Roswell, and find out how they can receive treatment. This all comes after CCS Oncology announced they were closing all of their offices.

"Whether it's active treatment or surveillance, we will pick the ball up and roll with it" Roswell Park Cancer Center Chief Medical Officer Dr. Boris Kuvshinoff said. 

Roswell Park says they will be able to assess the necessary paperwork and can integrate the more than 1,700 patients who are in need of a new place of care. Currently Roswell Park has over 30,000 patients. 

"We're just looking at this as a group of patients who are dealing with cancer that need help" Kuvshinoff said. 

For any patients interested in making an appointment to switch from CCS to Roswell, they can call (716) 845-2300. Roswell will see each patient within 24 hours and can also accommodate Saturdays if necessary. 

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