Roof collapse causes $500K damage at graphics company

Posted at 4:54 PM, Nov 20, 2014

There is a giant hole where a roof used to be at a graphics company in West Seneca.

VSP Marketing Graphic Group, which is the official graphics company of the Buffalo Bills, was closed at the time the roof collapsed on one of their buildings at their West Seneca headquarters located at 10 Dyke Road.

Though no one was hurt, the damage is extensive. CEO and President Trace George estimates it will take half a million dollars to conduct repairs to the building and to digital printing equipment, which was severely damaged or destroyed in the collapse.

"On a positive note, despite the devastating damage, we have secured facilities to continue our operation as well as new equipment and materials coming in immediately from out-of-state thanks to generous and dear friends of VSP. We're seeing a lot of generous support and planning on being fully functional up and running again early next week," George said.