Rodent droppings close Buffalo School 99 kitchen

Posted at 12:37 PM, Feb 25, 2016

The cafeteria at Buffalo School 99 is closed after Erie County health officials found rodent droppings in and around the kitchen area.

According to the district, the following was sent home to parents:

"On Tuesday, February 23rd, Erie County health inspectors conducted a review of Makowski School #99 and cited a number of violations in and around our cafeteria area.

"Many of the violations were maintenance issues and/or mechanical in nature.  Some of the violations included classrooms, due to breakfast being served there, and outside loading areas, due to the storage and removal of trash.  We were also cited for a lack of measures to control the entrance of pests, along with the presence of droppings in kitchen and storage areas. Our engineering staff and the District Plant Department is addressing these concerns with immediacy.

"At this time of remediation, all student breakfasts and lunches are being prepared at the District commissary, and will be delivered to school daily.  District Food Service has assured us that the meals will be nutritious and well balanced."

The district says its made changes to correct the problem. The health department will be back at the school Friday to perform another inspection.

Seven Eyewitness News Reporter, Ali Touhey first broke the story on Twitter. Follow her @Ali2e