Rochester-area nurse under Ebola quarantine

Posted at 6:48 AM, Dec 09, 2014
and last updated 2015-12-04 06:39:25-05

New York's governor says two people returning to the state from West Africa where they were exposed to Ebola have agreed to a 21-day home quarantine but show no symptoms of the virus.

This includes Webster, New York nurse, Lucille Frisicano. She is under voluntary quarantine in her home after returning from a mission with Ebola patients in West Africa.

Health officials in Rochester say the public is not at risk because she is not showing any symptoms.

Frisicano is keeping a log of who come in and out of her home for the next 21 days, and a health department representative visits her twice a day. If she begins to feel sick, a plan is in place to transport her to Strong Memorial Hospital.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo says that the state is exercising "an abundance of caution." Aides say both were in direct contact with people diagnosed with Ebola.

Both patients are the seventh and eighth people in New York to undergo a voluntary at-home quarantine during the virus' incubation period.

More than 1,100 people have been screened after arriving in New York from affected countries, and hundreds have been monitored.

The state's only Ebola case involved a New York City doctor who treated patients in Guinea. He has since recovered.