Rising temperatures bring flooding fears

Posted at 4:22 PM, Jan 11, 2018
As the ice melts, flooding fears are on the rise.
And the problem is starting earlier than usual for homeowners like Phillip McMullen.
The Silver Creek homeowner evacuated Thursday morning, as melting ice caused the creek to rise by six feet.
McMullen's house is just feet away from the creek's edge, but he doesn't seem too worried at this point.

"I checked the basement," said McMullen, "everything was ok, no damage or anything."

Rising water levels happen often along the creek.  But according to Hanover Disaster Coordinator Steven D'Angelo, this much ice is unusual.

"I haven't seen this heavy of ice in those two creeks in a long, long time," said D'Angelo.

The best way to avoid flooding from heavy ice, is by breaking it up.  This allows the water to flow freely from the creek into Lake Erie.
But with rain expected Thursday night it might not be enough to lower levels.  "It looks like its going to be a long night for all those involved," said D'Angelo. 
But D'Angelo wants to assure the public, emergency crews are working as hard as possible to prevent any flooding.  It's something Phillip McMullen takes comfort in. "It's really reassuring to see all of the safety workers out and about," said McMullen.
Town officials say the best thing to do when preparing for a possible flood is to place all valuables in high places.  If your home begins to flood, evacuate immediately.