Ride-sharing turns one in WNY, one cab company thankful for the new service

Posted at 11:36 PM, Jun 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-28 23:36:06-04

One year ago, companies like Uber and Lyft changed Western New York transportation. Uber driver, Mark Manion, says it's a change for the better.   

“It's been a fabulous run from day one,” said Manion.

Manion started working for the company the very minute ride-sharing was made legal in July of 2017. He says it keeps him out of trouble in retirement and gives him a chance to send his kids in college some extra money. 

“It's been very lucrative. I think if you've been driving a year, like a lot of us, you figure out the places where you can make money,” said Manion.

The success has taken business away from some cab companies in Western New York. But not for Liberty Yellow Cab.

“My business has actually increased. In a way I have to thank ride sharing,” said Bill Yuhnke the owner of Liberty Yellow Cab.

Over the last year, the company has automated much of the way the company operates, including adding apps for users.

“The cab industry had to get better and I think we did,” said Yuhnke.

He says drivers are actually coming back to Liberty Cab.

“When some of the drivers went over, and I say, ‘tasted the Kool-Aid,’ they found out many things that weren't quite as comfortable as they thought it would be,” added Yuhnke.

Yuhnke says other cab companies are struggling to adapt and believes ride-sharing prices won't stay low forever.   

Manion says he loves his job driving for Uber and loves how ride-sharing is making getting around in Western New York easier and cheaper.

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