Retired BPD Officer reacts to viral video

Posted at 11:39 PM, Jan 02, 2017
It's cell phone video that's gone viral.
A Buffalo Police Officer, uses his SUV to subdue a knife-wielding suspect, who police say has a history of mental illness.
The Department says the officer made a split-second decision, and although it wasn't textbook, it was effective.
The suspect suffered a broken ankle.
We showed the video to retired Buffalo Police Officer Steven Padin, who spent 25 years on the force.
"What appears on the video is the officers trying to keep him contained, keep him at bay," he said.
Padin says the decision to use force is one that can happen quickly, if an officer feels he or those around around him are in danger.
"He appears to be holding something out in front of him for a moment, and I would imagine it was something the officers saw or heard that made them determine he was going to go ahead and make an aggressive move," said Padin.
Common Council President Darius Pridgen is a member of the Buffalo Police Oversight Committee. Although he's waiting for a full investigation into this incident, he believes as times change, the City of Buffalo must be open to more training for officers.
"If we see that there is a gap in the tools that officers have or the training needs to be enhanced, let's face it, let's change it," he said.
The Buffalo Police Department currently does not carry stun guns and say a taser may not have helped in this situation because getting close to the suspect could put the officers in danger. The department says it is currently reviewing the effectiveness of adding tasers to the force.