Residents ration water during drought

Posted at 11:26 PM, Jul 15, 2016

Residents in the Village of Alden and the Town of Holland are being asked to limit their water use in order to deal with severe drought conditions.

Some of the actions restrictions taking place include cutting back on watering lawns, filling pools, and washing cars. 

"It's terrible, I don't like it," said 90-year-old Holland resident, Dorothy Tomczyk. "I want rain."

"It's painful to me," said Barb Desjardins, who lives in the Village of Alden. "My husband and I take a lot of pride in our yard. We do use a lot of water to keep it watered... it's been so long since it's rained."

Creeks are going dry, and grass turning yellow, so residents are being asked to cut back on watering plants.

"I'm going to lose about $1,000 on my flowers, which is ridiculous," said Sue Hurley, who lives in the Village of Alden. 

They are also asking to cut back on washing cars.

"Having a nice clean car is important to my husband," said Desjardins. "Not being able to wash your car... it's painful."

Residents are working hard to keep their gardens growing while controlling their water consumption.

"I get my water the night before so it is warm," said Tomczyk. "Then I water them the next day because I don't want the cold water to get on them and stun them."

People who live in the areas are asking for one thing:

"It's scary that it's not raining," said Desjardins. "We just pray for rain."

"I pray every night that God gives us rain... yes I do," said Tomczyk.