Report: Gun used in Toronto rampage came from United States

Posted at 11:39 AM, Jul 25, 2018

Authorities in the United States are trying to track down the origins of the gun used to shoot 15 people on a busy Toronto street Sunday night.

According to a source who spoke with CTV News Canada, the semi-automatic gun used by Faisal Hussain on Danforth Avenue was likely obtained from a gang-related source. The source tells CTV the gun was originally from the United States.

The shooting Sunday killed two people and wounded 13 others. The suspected gunman also died.

According to CTV, Toronto police believe about half the guns used in crimes were purchased form people who bought them legally in Canada. The other half were smuggled in from the United States.

Before 2012, it was believed about 75 percent of guns used for criminal activity in Toronto came from across the border.

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