Former Sheriff's Deputy charged with murder

Posted at 8:46 AM, Mar 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-12 12:57:59-04

New details are now emerging about a retired Wyoming County Sheriff's Deputy and current member of the Perry Town Board charged with second degree murder.

60-year-old Joseph S. Mlyniec is accused of shooting a man to death outside his home on Wednesday, March 9. According to an update provided Monday by the Wyoming County Sheriff's Office, the victim, 32-year-old Robert Irvine III was shot four times, in the leg, chest, neck and head, his death, officially ruled a homicide.

A full autopsy report will not be finished for several months awaiting toxicology results.

So far, the Criminal Investigations Division has conducted 16 interviews to better develop a timeline and establish a possible motive.

Mlyniec is due back in Town of Warsaw Court on May 21, he remains locked-up in the Wyoming County jail with no bail.

According to the Sheriff's Office, Mlyniec retired as a patrol sergeant with the Sheriff's Office in 2008 after more than 20 years. He returned in 2009 on a part time basis as a Deputy Sheriff then resigned in 2013.

Anyone with information is asked to call Captain Edward Till at 585-786-8989 or the Confidential Tipline at 585-786-8965.

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