Western New Yorkers are stranded on the island of Sint Maarten after Hurricane Irma

Posted at 3:55 PM, Sep 08, 2017

The office of Rep. Brian Higgins confirmed that "several WNYers with family in St. Maartin ... have been in contact with the State Department and are working to get the stranded residents and their families the best information possible."

Nicole Bilson's mother is currently stranded on St. Maartin and has no way of communicating with her. 

"No one is helping them. There is no one from the US Embassy on the island to help them."

She hasn't had contact with her since Tuesday except for a message her mother left her Friday morning. 

If, like Nicole Bilson, you do have family in St. Maartin, here is the best way to proceed. 

Go to:
Click on Emergency Alert
Click on Hurricanes Irma and Jose
Click on Task force Alert
Alert us: fill out form for your loved ones
At the bottom you can fill out a section to describe the specifics
Link so you can see what information you have to fill out: https://tfa.state.gov/entry3.aspx?p_crisis_uid=OCS2017248363346&p_user_type=OTHER&p_susp_duplicate=Y[tfa.state.gov]
At the bottom you can fill out a section to describe the specifics
Enter any additional information that may be useful to the Department of State in providing assistance during this event:
If you are in the affected area and need immediate emergency services, please contact local authorities.

Local numbers for police and emergency services:
· The Bahamas: 919 or 911
· St. Maarten (Dutch side): 911
· St. Martin and St. Barthélemy: The French Ministry of Interior has set up a public line emergency line: Tel: 01 82 71 03 37.
· St. Eustatius: 911 (police) and 910 or 912 (medical)
· Saba: 911 (police) and 912 (medical)
· Cuba: 106
· Haiti: +509-3838-11 or +509-3733-3640
· The Dominican Republic: 911