Rehab goes high-tech with "Jintronix"

Posted at 8:31 PM, Feb 26, 2018

Three weeks ago, 43-year-old Lauren Gerber suffered three strokes and a heart-attack. "My left side is affected the most," said Gerber, "so it's my balance, it's my arms."

Doctors found Gerber's heart only pumps at 25%,

"I remember doctors, physical therapists asking me can you lift, I couldn't and now I can," said Gerber.

The Cheektowaga woman has been doing physical therapy every day using new technology called the, "Jintronix."

It looks similar to a video game, but this high-tech equipment at the Ellicott Center uses virtual reality for rehabilitation. This is the only skilled nursing facility in western new york offering this technology. 

The "Jintronix" works through an X-Box Connect and detects 25 joints and all the movements associated with it.

The patient is able to see their score and progress so they can keep improving.

"I know I'm not 100% because my balance is still not great and I need a little help, but I am definitely stronger."


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