1,600 pound bull breaks loose in West Baltimore

Posted at 5:01 AM, Oct 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-03 05:01:07-04

A heavily sedated 1,600-pound bull was stumbling and stampeding through West Baltimore Wednesday night.

Scott Bareo of Hedgeapple Farms owns the bull and said he’s a breed who was heading back to his farm in Frederick when he busted out of one of his driver's trucks.

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“My farm manager was stopped at a red light, maybe up by Mondawmin Mall and he said next thing I know the bull is running alongside the trailer.”

Keep the grab the bull by the horns jokes at home, Angus bulls don't have them.

The lack of horns made it a lot easier to finally wrangle and bring the bull down.

“If you take an animal like that and you twist it’s head around it will get a little disoriented and usually, they fall over,” said Bareo.

After three rounds of tranquilizers, the takedown, and a whole lot of help from The Maryland Zoo employees, Bareo and police were able to get the big fella down while he was breathing.

It’s not easy to pickup that much meat, but luckily Dennis Guy of Wright’s Towing Company was in the area and had a flatbed

“My son called me and told me to come haul some beef, so we came to rescue the bull,” said Guy

They were able to get the bull onto the flatbed and transport it back into its trailer.

“It is the most exciting haul,” said Guy. “Haul the bull, haul the beef. No bull no bull”

In between the initial breakout and the second run through town the bull was grazing in a field at Coppin State University for a few hours.

Taylor Ibrahim didn’t understand or believe what she was hearing when she left class.

“I thought it was a pit bull, but he told it was a bull with horns,” Ibrahim said. “I didn’t believe him, so we see the bull over there in the field next to me. It’s a big bull it’s taller than me.”

The Baltimore bull watch ended--this tired fella without a name was ready to head home.

“He’s number 33 and he’s number one in our hearts,” said Bareo.

From here number 33 will go back home and have some more children.

We didn’t see anybody get hurt, and it didn’t look like any cars or property got damaged.