Red Cross of WNY sends additional aid to Puerto Rico

Posted at 11:19 PM, Oct 08, 2017

With the devastation caused to Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria in September, the Red Cross has been sending aid, along with members of their Disaster Response team to the island, and now, another Western New Yorker will be joining their team on the ground.

Winnie Romeril has been working with the Red Cross for nearly twenty years, and says she's felt a connection to the island since working there through her church when she was 16.

"I've always felt very close to Puerto Rico.  I have friends there, I have lots of friends who have family there.  I've been pack to visit the island several times as an adult and I really look forward to going back now because I think it's going to be pretty impactful."

Romeril says volunteers shes spoken with that are already on the ground have delivered over a million pounds of food to those in need, and she plans on helping that effort once she arrives.

Romeril will fly out on Monday.  She spent her last day in the states packing for the trip, but also is ready for the emotions that may come with returning to the devistated island.

"Going back to Puerto Rico, I think it's going to be emotional.... but thre's work to be done