Record Theatre closes doors for final time

Historic Record Theatre closes after 41 years
Posted at 11:24 PM, Aug 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-27 23:24:30-04

Western New York Music Lovers said goodbye to an icon Sunday.  Record Theatre closed its final location on Main Street in Buffalo less than a year after after the passing of Owner Leonard Silver.

Hundreds of music lovers descended upon the location for one last chance to add to their music collections, and say goodbye to old friends.

Security Guard Rocky Casullo spent 40 years working at Record Theatre, and reflected on the stores closing in its final hours.  "it's sad, I've been here for 40 years as part of my life every day.  I look forward to coming to Record Theatre Every day.  it's an icon, it's been here for a long time and we hate to see it close."

If you still want to buy a piece of Record Theatre History, but weren't able to get to the store in its final days, many of the neon lights promotional lights from the store are up for auction now at http://recordtheatre.com/