Reckless driver arrested with drugs

Posted at 11:51 AM, Aug 24, 2017

Police in orchard Park responded to calls about a reckless driver operating within Chestnut Ridge Park.  Callers described the vehicle operating erratically and nearly striking a jogger and a park’s employee.

Officers found the driver near a park shelter, and while speaking with the subject, police spotted a marijuana bong in plain view within the vehicle.  Police searched the car and found marijuana and hallucinogenic mushrooms.  The search also discovered fireworks, an open container of alcohol, and drug paraphernalia.

Christopher Wendt, 19 of Orchard Park, was arrested and charged with a felony count of criminal possession of a hallucinogenic substance, and counts of unlawful possession of marijuana, unlawful possession of alcohol by a minor, and consuming alcohol in a county park without a permit.

Wendt is held at the Erie County Holding Center pending his arraignment.