Rain on the way, time to check the sump pump

Posted at 11:18 PM, Oct 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-31 23:18:26-04

Rain is on the way. Flood watches are in place for Western New York. Is your sump pump ready? Fred Clabo from Freddie’s Plumbingsays it’s always good to check on it.

“They kind of forget about them. And they don't realize how old they are and when they don't work, they're surprised that their basement is full of water,” said Clabo. His company gets calls for sump pumps two or three times a week.

Before a big rain it's not a bad idea to check on your pump, especially if it's five years or older.

“If you can't remember the last time it's been replaced, it's time to replace it because it's old,” added Clabo.

Clabo also recommends backups for your pump. A back up battery is good. Fred says a self-sustaining water-powered backup is best.

“They're a little more reliable than a battery operated pump. As long as you have water pressure inside the pump, the pump will continue to work where a battery operated sump pump will only last as good as the battery,” said Clabo.

A backup will cost you a little bit, but would be far less expensive than the costs that come with a flooded basement. 

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