Rain causes sewage backup for one West Seneca family

Posted at 9:56 PM, Apr 06, 2017

One West Seneca family is dealing with a stinky mess as flood waters rise near Cazenovia Creek.

"When the flood waters rise, it pushes sewage into the pipes," said Josie Morcelle, who lives near the creek.

Josie and her family of eight live near Cazenovia Creek in West Seneca, but rain isn't something they're happy to see.

"If we're not home in time to close the gate to the main pipeline in and out of our house, the sewer water comes up into our utility tub looking for level ground," she said. "If we're not there in time to close the gate, it will come up over the tub and flow onto the ground."

The Morcelle's have installed a gate that shuts off the water supply to stop any potential sewage from invading, but that leaves the family with no water. 

They blame the issue on old pipes. She says other neighbors on her street have similar issues.

"It's not at all what we expected to take on," she said.