Rage room & indoor cave at the Jamestown Emporium

Posted at 6:09 PM, Oct 18, 2018

The Jamestown Emporium is home to a rage room and an indoor cave. 

Right on Main Street, people can smash plates, cups, bottles and even TVs in the basement of the old Chautauqua County National Bank.

Just across the hall a new attraction will be open next month where kids can search for hidden treasures in over 30,000 pounds of sand. 

On the first level of the old building entrepreneur Arnold Duke created a gift shop to bring more people to the downtown area. 

"Jamestown in New York is a very unique area," Arnold Duke, owner of the building said. "I saw an opportunity to take a diamond and polish it and make it a finished stone." 

Duke saw the potential in the town and wants to be apart of the revitalization. 

"People come to town every day on tour buses for the Lucy Desi Museum," Duke said. "Then they leave, so we need to have enough things in town to keep people there." 

Duke also owns the KeyBank building across the street and plans to transform the old bank into apartments, office spaces, and have a restaurant. 

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