Quadruplets celebrate first birthday

Posted at 3:11 PM, Feb 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-04 19:12:48-05

Not one, not two or three... but four babies. Meet the "quad squad".

"This is 'baby D', it's Irvine," said Esbeyde Millen, the lucky mother of four! "I never imagined being pregnant with four babies."

A thought that never crossed Millen's mind but now, she couldn't picture her life without her three sons and daughter.

"My babies are now so healthy, and he's almost walking!" said Millen while holding one of her sons.

But those babies came two months early. They had to stay in the NICU for more than a month. But now, the four fighters are strong, and... loving cake! Millen says she owes it all to the nurses and doctors at Women and Children's Hospital. Staff she reunited with Friday afternoon for a birthday bash.

"They were tiny but they were all little fighters and they are perfect, four perfect little babies now," said Jennifer Kancar, a registered nurse at the hospitals' NICU.

"We don't always get a chance to see our babies but we love these little ones as much as we love the moms," said Ariel Ansley, an OBGYN resident. "It's just great... it's just absolutely great!"

It's also a rare sight for the hospital. They say they often see twins, but it's few times they deliver four.

"It's not just mom that we care about," said Ansley. "We have well, this time five patients, but usually two or three."

In fact, Millen's doctor told her chances of having quadruplets are about one in 800,000. Her family though is not surprised. Twins run in her family.

"My brother has twins, my brother has a twin that is identical, my grandma had twins," said Millen.

As you can imagine, the biggest challenge for this mother of four has been getting sleep. But she wouldn't change it for the world.