Putting limitations on severance pay across New York

Posted at 6:27 PM, Mar 01, 2018

Assemblywoman Monica Wallace is furious with the big pay days Erie County Water Authority Executives get if they are fired. 

The Erie County Legislature appoints water authority commissioners. Historically the political party in the majority appoints a new person to the authority’s executive seat. With Democrats now in control of the legislature, Wallace, a Democrat herself says the writing is on the wall for Earl Jann. Jann was appointed by Republicans. 

If he’s terminated before 2020, he could go home with $300,000 to $400,000. 

“As a rate payer myself I think it’s outrage to see a political appointee receive such a generous payout at a rate payer expense,” Wallace said. 

Wallace is introducing a severance pay limitation act. It would limit outgoing authority executives across the state to only receive three months salary. 

“I can understand why people would question about that. But, I think that would be up to the incoming administration to decide, is that what we really want to do,” Jann said. 

Executive Jann said there is no “golden parachute” in his contract. He said his main goals are to make sure customers have high quality of water at the best rate. Although that rate increased to 1.9% nearly two months ago. He said he is not planning to leave his position anytime soon. 

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