Protest held against Congressman Chris Collins

Posted at 5:18 PM, Mar 10, 2017

Dueling demonstrations were held in Lancaster Thursday evening, both directed at Congressman Chris Collins.

The Congressman was being honored at Salvatore's Italian Gardens for being the first member of Congress to endorse President Trump, but dozens of protesters were gathered outside, upset about the level of communication with his constituents.

A handful of Rep. Collins' supporters were also out there with them.

"We're just ordinary people who are here standing outside a dinner, where people paid $100 bucks to get access to Collins and we can't, no matter how hard we try," said protestor Michelle Schoeneman.

"I'm here with people that like what's he's doing, we're just common citizens and we want to make sure our voices are heard too," said supporter Bill Paris.

Rep. Collins was unable to attend the dinner. He has repeatedly said he will not hold a town hall meeting, because he believes there are better ways to communicate.