Williamsville man diagnosed with lung cancer even though he never smoked

Posted at 6:45 AM, Nov 21, 2019

WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. (WKBW) — November is Lung Cancer Awareness month, for most patients they do not experience symptoms until the cancer is in the late stages.

"7 months ago I was working in my office and I've been blessed with good health I've had excellent health my whole life I've never been sick," Schlosser said. "Then a very young doctor had to come in and break the news to me which was difficult."

The news, he had stage four lung cancer. His cancer has a unique mutation where only four-percent of people have his specific kind.

"It's like the cancer lottery in some respects because there is targeted therapy, and I'm able to take medication and chemotherapy at home," Schlosser said.

To say Schlosser was shocked about his diagnosis is an understatement.

He's never smoked, played basketball and says he lived a healthy life.

Many people think you get lung cancer from smoking, but ken wants people to realize that's sometimes not the case.

"For the past maybe decade or so we have seen increase in patients that never smoked," says Dr. Dy.

Dr. Grace Dy at Roswell Park says symptoms of lung cancer usually develop in the later stages.

She says screening has improved but it's still very hard to detect lung cancer early.

"We do not screen everyone because if you're not high risk for developing cancer doing a screening may just lead to unnecessary testing," says Dr. Dy.

Schlosser takes eight chemotherapy pills every day and after seven months of treatment, his cancerous tumor has shrunk 60-percent.

He tells people, "be in tuned with your body anything that is out of the ordinary try to get it checked out as soon as possible."