Prosecutors say Dr. Gosy is danger to public, court allows him to continue seeing patients

Posted at 6:47 PM, Nov 14, 2017

Dr. Eugene Gosy pleaded not guilty in federal court Tuesday to all charges related to a 166 count indictment revealed last week.

The Williamsville pain doctor will be allowed to continue seeing patients under his bail conditions, but will have to do so under the supervision of another physician. This was the same arrangement ordered by the court after an initial indictment in April 2016.

Federal prosecutors asked U.S. Magistrate Judge Kenneth Schroeder to reconsider that order after the additional information revealed six patients died under his care.

Gosy's attorney Joel Daniels said other WNY doctors continue to refer patients to his client.

"[Prosecutors] have been watching his practice now for the past year and a half," Daniels said. "He's been fully compliant with the conditions of bail. He continues to see patients under supervision and everything seems to be working out well. The patients are treated. They're receiving the treatment they're entitled to."

As for whether Dr. Gosy is responsible for the deaths listed by prosecutors, Daniels said the deaths are a tragedy, but don't mean Gosy did anything wrong.

"They chose, it was their decision, to abuse medications," he said, talking about the patients. "It resulted in an overdose. So it just seems unfair, in those circumstances, to blame Dr. Gosy. Particularly to brand him as a criminal when that's what happened."

Bail has not been set in this case and will be discussed over the next few weeks.

Arguments in the case are scheduled to start March 19, 2018.