Prosecutors disclose more misconduct by Weinstein detective

Posted at 2:52 AM, Oct 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-19 02:52:41-04

New York prosecutors say the former lead police detective in the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault investigation urged one of his accusers to delete information from her phone before turning it over to prosecutors.

The Manhattan district attorney's office detailed the alleged misconduct in a letter to Weinstein's lawyer that was made public Wednesday.

The new allegations against Detective Nicholas DiGaudio involve an unidentified woman who says Weinstein raped her in his Manhattan hotel room in 2013.

Prosecutors say the woman didn't delete any information, which was personal and unrelated to the investigation.

DiGaudio was removed from the Weinstein case last week after evidence surfaced that he instructed a witness to keep quiet when she raised doubts about another accuser's claim of sexual misconduct. There was no immediate response from DiGaudio's union.

That revelation led prosecutors to drop a charge related to that allegation.

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