Profile: Nate Boyd, community activist through Facebook

Posted at 5:47 PM, Nov 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-08 17:47:16-05

Nate Boyd uses an unconventional method to promote positive action in the Buffalo community... Facebook Live. The community activist has a large following on social media, garnering thousands of views and comments. Boyd says he has multiple calls each day asking him to cover murders, missing children, garbage cleanup, and Buffalo Municipal Housing issues.

“I love the affect of the live action, you’re right there with me, people are commenting Nate ask 'em this, Nate ask 'em that, Nate check this, Nate check that. Everybody’s interacting with it, that’s what makes it powerful," Boyd says, referring to the power of social media. “It doesn’t matter, White, Black, Chinese, Puerto Rican, Mexican it doesn't matter. People, human beings, that’s what this is about. Human beings, so I can work with anybody as long as it’s about our people.” 

Boyd grew up off of Michigan Avenue in Buffalo and lost his mother to an unsolved murder in 1986. He admits there was a period where he ran away and moved ot Florida, but there was always something pulling him back to the Queen City. 

"The spirit inside me says there’s one with you, there’s a spirit with you, stronger than all those people, go with that.”

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