Prayers for forgiveness and strength for victims

Posted at 11:11 PM, Sep 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-07 23:11:31-04

Robert Zapfel, the pastor of St. Leo the Great Roman Catholic Church in Amherst is well aware of what's happening throughout the Catholic Church. He calls the alleged sexual abuse and cover up of information a crisis. So, he wanted to do something, something positive. 

St. Leo's held a mass called, Prayers of Reparation and Healing.
“It's a testing time. It's a difficult time for us to say that we're even Catholic. We've been hurt,” said Zapfel.

Zapfel's sermon dealt with remaining faithful to Jesus and his teachings.

“I think the renewal starts with forgiveness, forgiveness of those who have been hurtful. Asking God’s healing for those who have been hurt. And to recognize our own contribution, each of us, to the evil in the world,” said Zapfel.

While Zapfel knows, there's been plenty of evil in the church. He wants to remind people of the great work the Catholic Charities. 

“We know that priests have hurt other people, the majority of priests continue to do great work, sacrificing, with a smile on their face each and every day,” said Zapfel.