Potholes causing big issues for WNY drivers

Posted at 5:44 PM, Feb 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-13 10:39:26-05

Rocky Casullo, of Casullo's Automotive in the Town of Tonawanda, says he's seeing a surge of cars into his repair shop this season.

"Hitting the potholes, the cars are taking a beating. Steering and suspension damage are running rampant right now."

The constant freeze and thaw this winter is causing potholes to open up on roads across Western New York and Casullo says drivers are seeing repair costs add up quickly.

"Today, wheels and tires are expensive.  Aluminum wheels, they run an average of $500 dollars a wheel.  Low profile tires and wheels can run you a thousand, even $1,500 just for a tire and wheel replacement, and that's without a vehicle alignment or suspension damage."

Casullo says his repair shop is busier this winter than the last two years, but local highway departments and DPW's are fighting back.

David Root, the superintendent of public works for the Village of Kenmore says they've seen a slight uptick in the number of potholes this winter.

He says the village can't perform permanent fixes on potholes during the winter, but they do have a cold patch mix that puts a temporary stop to potholes in the Village.

If you hit a pothole but don't have serious damage, Casullo says it still may be worth it to have your vehicle checked out after the end of the winter driving season.

"You may notice the steering wheel off center. You may notice a shimmy in the front end, or the vehicle pulling left or right. Any of that is definitely an indication the vehicle alignment is off and should be addressed as soon as possible."


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