Poloncarz looking to raise pay for social service workers

Posted at 11:35 AM, Mar 29, 2018

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz is looking to bring pay equity for workers in the Department of Social Services.

In a tweet, Poloncarz wrote, "Today my administration sent over a proposal to the Legislature to address pay discrepancies for our [Erie County Social Services] CPS and Children's Services Workers."

The County Executive explained the proposal would "merge and retitle certain positions [and] address pay inequity."

The County Executive said 250 employees would see pay increases, the amount would be determined on an individual basis accounting for experience and job requirements.

Poloncarz is hoping the Erie County Legislature will approve his plan at the next legislative session.  The tweet and his proposal are below:


Erie County Minority Leader Joe Lorigo, a republican, responded to the County Executive via tweet, glad to see "some action has finally occurred..."  

Lorigo said he discussed the proposal with CPS employees and "am disappointed to learn it ignores the underlying issue.  CPS Senior Caseworkers & Supervisors--the majority of CPS--receive NOTHING under this new proposal," Lorigo tweeted.

Lorigo said he would do everything he could to "find a real solution."

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