"Poloncarz Fix This Road Now" signs unveiled to fill potholes

Posted at 6:42 PM, Apr 10, 2018

County roads in Boston, NY are in rough shape. 

"It's awful I don't want to leave the house," Brianne Meyer, a Boston resident said, "I'm worried about my kids on the school bus."

It's something that Boston has tried to get fixed, but when asking Erie County didn't work, the town has decided a new approach, signs. 

"(The point is to) draw awareness to this and see if we can't get the County Executive to allocate additional funds to actually repair these roads" Boston Town Supervisor Jason Kedeing said.

The signs read "Poloncarz fix this road now" - an attempt by Kedeing, Erie County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw, and County Legislator Jack Mills to fix the potholes. 

When asked about the new signs, Executive Poloncarz called it "a political stunt", and dangerous. 

"The comptrollers putting a sign out there that says here's a pothole, he’s actually putting the county at risk because he’s not letting us know that there's an issue" Executive Poloncarz said. 

According to Comptroller Mychajliw he actually had provided a letter to Executive Poloncarz regarding the pothole issues in Boston, and no response was given. 

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