Poll: Sundays scare Americans into anxiety more than any other country

Posted at 7:42 AM, Oct 20, 2017

Whether you call them the Sunday Night Blues or the Sunday Scaries - experts say Americans are reportedly experiencing really bad anxiety on Sundays - more so than any other day of the week.

A global poll by Monster found 76% of Americans self-reported they experience Sunday Night Blues, compared to only 45% of people from the rest of the world. 

Experts say, the level of anxiety Americans feel heading into the work week is increasingly high and counterproductive. 

So, why the build up of anticipatory anxiety? Particularly from Sunday afternoon to Sunday evening?

Whether worrying about a jammed packed schedule ahead, finding time to juggle family, friends, work, even solo time, or just trying to navigate a stressful workplace environment, these are just some of the things experts say are keeping Americans up later and worrying more. 

For some, this growing trend is enough to even ask - is it time for a new job?

But if that's not an option, how can you work with what you have to reduce those Sunday night blues?

For Certified Life & Wellness Coach Nancy Rizzo, "it's all about mindset." 

"If you start in a negative space, that's how you are going to go into the world. So why not challenge the anxiety, the worry, the fear? Practice your choose-instead. Choose to re-navigate your mind into a positive direction, Rizzo said. 

Focus less on the stressers that are steadily approaching and more on the positive highlights of the week - catching up with friends, a gym class, an art show, whatever it is that brings joy and balance to your life. 

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