Terry Licata Braunstein is still "Talkin' Proud"

Posted at 9:59 PM, Jul 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-27 21:59:12-04

If there was ever a time to talk proud about Buffalo, it's now.  Development is booming downtown, Canalside is packed most days in the summertime, and real estate prices are growing at impressive rates.

But long before it was 'cool' to boast Buffalo's comeback, there was a quirky campaign to get people feeling good about living in the Queen City.  Anyone who lived here in the 1980s remembers the "Talkin' Proud" song and commercial.

Terry Licata-Braunstein was the face of that campaign. 

To this day, she's still talkin' proud about Buffalo.  

On a sunny summer day, more than 35 years after the commercial was filmed, Licata-Braunstein sat on the steps of Johnson Park wearing her 'We're Talkin' Proud' baseball hat and pin.

Licata-Braunstein's memories of that time in Buffalo's history began flooding back quickly.

"They said there's no pay, it's just, you get exposure, and I said 'fine I'd love to do it'," Licata-Braunstein recalled with the same enthusiasm she probably exuded when she actually accepted the gig.

"It was almost like something you see in Hollywood where wherever you go they know you. Can I have your autograph?"

The glass is always half full for this Buffalo native.  Positivity accompanies her to the various community activities.

Licata-Braunstein is still busy with show-business.  She is a familiar face at Alleyway Theatre, most recently starring in a show titled "Granny Bird."

When she's not on stage, she's teaching theater and dance at Erie Community College.

"I love the high that you get when you're on stage. The fear that you get, the excitement that you get."

When Licata-Braunstein comes home from a busy day, she's greeted by foster kittens.  She's been fostering with the SPCA for years. 

All of these commitments to the community are things she speaks about with immense pride.  

No one can doubt her dedication to Buffalo.  

Terry Licata-Braunstein is walking the talk she sang about so proudly way back in 1980.