PolitiFact: Paul "False" about Ferguson fines

Posted at 3:10 AM, Jan 29, 2016

Most of the GOP field met Thursday night in Des Moines, Iowa for the final debate before the Iowa Caucuses next week. We've teamed up with PolitiFact to put the candidates statements to the test?

So, how truthful were some of the major claims?


Rand Paul on events in Ferguson, Missouri

Relieving tensions between law enforcement and communities was a hot topic of the debate. Moderators wanted to know from Kentucky Senator Rand Paul how he would handle police shootings, specifically the one in Ferguson, Missouri that claimed the life of Michael Brown in 2014.

One thing I discovered in Ferguson was that a third of the budget for the city of Ferguson was being reaped by civil fines," Paul said. "People were just being fined to death."


PolitiFact rating: False

Our fact-checking team found Paul to be mostly false because he ignores critical facts. Stats show the city of Ferguson is dependent on fines and fees for revenue, but Paul overstates it's reliance.

Fines did hit upwards of 16% in 2014, but fell to about 7% last year in reaction to public outrage.


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